Waterline´s Papaya Dream

Waterline´s Pumpkin Pie

La Dolce Vita Della Lontra

CH Waterline´s Oceana

Mallorn´s Linda Evangelista

Waterline´s Mirage

Waterline´s Diamond Heart

Waterline´s Million Reasons


co-owned females

Follies Rain Or Shine

CH JCH Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury

FI CH Waterline´s Cotton Candy

Waterline´s Dazzling Dezima

Waterline´s Italina

Waterline´s Griante

Born To Love Road of Princes


Retired - for reference

Follies Maryland

NordW-17 Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain

Snackbar´s Camomille

Licithas Golden Chain

CH My Brand En Vogue

Palabras Baltic Prinsess

Neptune´s Legacy Obsessed With Pink