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New pictures of Waterline´s Luxor and Waterline´s Brunate




At the same time we had the Winner shows in Finland Andy and Ragazza was in Lithuania and got some super results...

Waterline´s Candy Crush both days BOB-junior, 2 JCC´s -> LT JCH

Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury JCC -> LT JCH & BALT JCH

Well done Andy and Ragazza !!!

Thank you so much Pille-Riin for the great work you do with these two, you are a dreamteam


Showresults from three days - three winner shows !!!

8.12.2017 Helsinki Winner Show, judge Matti Tuominen, FI

Waterline´s Cotton Candy 2nd in Junior Class with CQ

Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain 2nd in Open class with CQ
9.12.2017 Nordic Winner Show, judge Lene Johansen (Dee-Fair(, DK

Waterline´s Cotton Candy NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER-17

Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain NORDIC WINNER-17, BOB, CACIB and CC

Waterline´s Shining Samira BOS-Puppy (judge Hilkka Salohalla)
10.12.2017 Finnish Winner Show judged by Eeva Rautala (Wetten), FI

Waterline´s Cotton Candy FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER-17

Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain Best Bitch-2, res-CACIB

Waterline´s Shining Samira BOS-Puppy (judge Jaana Hartus)

Thank you and congrats also to Leena Keskinen and Kaisa Vainio - We are a great team!






New health results: Assassin Prinssi Sahrami "Sassa" Hips A-A, Elbows 0-0, Eyes clear




Estonian Labrador specialty 18.8.2017

judge: Alena Krutská (Bohemia Bras)

Kavamel Set Fire to the Rain Best In Show !!!

Waterline Tremezzina Best In Show-2 Baby

Waterline´s Mirage Best In Show-2 Puppy

We are very proud of our puppies

Congrats to Alma´s owner Leena and breeder Kaisa for the super BIS result !


Waterline´s Le Petit was Qualified in Field 5.8.2017 and therefore became FI CH !!!

Svante has already earlier gained his three CC´s from shows. judges: Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen, Marja Kosonen and Mary McCulloch

There is not words enough to describe my gratitude towards Svante´s co-owner Anitra Ahonen who has trained him and took him to the test, we are very proud of the two of you. THANK YOU


Proud to announce our current litter born 29.5.2017


Waterline´s Candy Crush BEST BABY IN SPECIALTY SHOW and BIS-5 BABY at National Show IN LATVIA


All breed show in Mikkeli 8.7.2017

Judge: Marja Kosonen

Mambrinos Fair Play BOB, BIG-4, CC

Mocnys Outlander Best Male-4

Waterline´s Papaya Dream 4th in Open Class with CQ

All breed show in Karjaa 9.7.2017

Judge: Jetta Tschokkinen

Waterline´s Papaya Dream Best Bitch-2 and CC

Mambrinos Fair Play Best Male-3


INT Show in Riihimäki 1.7.2017

Judge: Lilja Dora Halldorsdottir

Mambrinos Fair Play Best Male-2, CC and CACIB

Mocnys outlander Best Male-4 and res-CC

Waterline´s Papaya Dream 4th in Open class with CQ


Specialty show for working dogs in Vantaa 25.5.2017

Judge: Olga Dolejsova

Mambrinos Fair Play Best Male-3 and res-CC, Mocnys Outlander 2nd in Junior class with CQ, Flaming Volcanu Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury Very Good in Intermediate Class



We had a sunny day at Hamina INT Show!

Judge: Satu Ylä-Mononen, FI

Mambrinos Fair Play BOB, CC and CACIB

Mocnys Outlander Winner of Juniorclass with CQ


Health results: Mallorn´s Linda Evangelista Hips B-A, Elbows 0-0, Eyes clear


Finally we have a picture of our Follies Rain Or Shine


Health results: A Sense of Pleasure´s York hips A-A, elbows 0-0, eyes clear

New picture of our youngster Waterline´s Cotton Candy

Newcomer Waterline´s Bellagio




We have an litter born 24.2.2017 by Waterline´s Stracciatella and La Dolce Vita della Lontra

More info here



We have a litter born 15.2.2017 by Devonshires Huckleberry Finn and Waterline´s Pumpkin Pie

More info here


New picture of Assassin Prinssi Sahrami


We have a litter born 30.1.2017 by Vegas Night Bella Mare and Waterline´s Papaya Dream

More info here


New pictures of Flaming Volcano Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury, Assassin Prinssi Sahrami, Mambrinos Fair Play, Follies Maryland

Finnish LRC´s Main Specialty Show 28.1.2017

Bellissima Ragazza Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury Best In Show-2 Puppy

Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain Best Bitch-3 and res-CC

Congrats Pille-Riin and Leena!

Our boys progency did also very well at the show, we are very proud of you!

Ragazza proud with her prices


New pictures of Assassin Prinssi Sahrami




We want to welcome our new baby girl from uk Trendlewood Pink Cadillac

Thank you so much to her breeder Fiona Braddon and her co-owner Kirsi Luomanen for this great opportunity !


Happy New Year 2017





New picture of Waterline´s House Blend



We want to welcome this new baby boy Assassin Prinssi Sahrami !!!



We want to welcome Mambrinos Fair Play "Beppe" !!!



We want to welcome our new baby boy Mocnys Outlander "Lillukka"

Thank you so much to his breeder Tiina-Loviisa Rönkkö for trusting us with him!!!

We have added some new pics of Waterline´s House Blend, First Lady Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury, A Sense of Pleasure´s York, Mallorn´s Linda Evangelista

You can also find new offspring sites for Waterline´s House Blend and Waterline´s Pistachio Nougat


Mambrinos Esquire is back home in Norway with Jan Roger Sauge (Mambrinos)

Thank you JR so much for letting us have this stunning son by Sasso here for a while!

New picture of Waterline´s Freddo with Antonine


Waterline´s Italina EIC, HNPK and prcd-PRA clear


Follies Maryland Best In Show-II & Best In Show-I veteran

at Finnish LRC´s Club Show 13.8.2016

What an amazing day we had !!!

Follies maryland winner of Open and Veteran > BIS-2 and BIS-1 Veteran

Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain winner of puppyIII

Palabras Baltic Princess 2nd in Novice

Mambrinos Vixen 2nd in Champion

Waterline´s Meant To Be 2nd in Open

Thank you all friends for making the day so much fun even if it was pouring of rain almost the whole day.

I also want to thank again Moya´s breeders Helena and Anna-Liisa for trusting us with this wonderful dog.

She is a dream to show!

Congrats to all these dogs breeders and co-owners.

Thank you to judges Haita-Maarit Zahharov (My Brand) and Irmina Dudkowiak (Dolbia)

for appreciating our dogs this highly.

New pictures of Waterline´s Meant To Be and Waterline´s Italina

We also want to welcome Bailey - Plug´N Play Optimus Canis - to our gang, Thank you Dominika!


Welcome to our new website - Enjoy !

Still some pictures missing but we will add them soon...


We have a new champion !

Thank you Nella´s owners Minna and Riku Mannikainen for doing a great job with Nella and congratulations